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Class 01-02: The Coach With the Dragon Tattoo

A Guide to Classic Who references (and other references) in New Who including in Class episodes.

Class series 1, episode 2 (story 2) in which we meet a coach with a dragon tattoo.

Warning: May contain Spoilers for

"The Coach With the Dragon Tattoo"

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[OLD] - Things that first appeared in the classic Doctor Who series (or the film.)

For context, the following are also covered:
[1ST] - Things that appear for the first time in this episode.
[NEW] - Things that first appeared previously in the new Doctor Who series.
[CLASS] - Things that first appeared previously in the Class.
[UNK] - Things that there is no enough information on to be clear.

Ongoing References:

  • [CLASS]  Ram's prosthetic leg First appeared in "For Tonight We Might Die" (Class Series 1).  It was given to him by the Doctor (using Lothan technology) after his was removed by a Shadow Kin.

  • [CLASS]  Rip in Space & Time - First appeared in "For Tonight We Might Die" (Class Series 1).  The Doctor was only able to partially seal it and warning it would attract weirdness.  Rifts have previously appeared in E-Space in "The Warrior's Gate" (Doctor Who Season 18), in Cardiff ("The Unquiet Dead" and "Boomtown" (Doctor Who Series 1), "Utopia" (Doctor Who Series 3), most of Torchwood Series 1 & Series 2) and Amy Pond's bedroom and all of space ("The Eleventh Hour" (Doctor Who Series 5)).

  • [OLD]  The Doctor - The central character of both series of Doctor Who.  The Twelfth Doctor appeared in "For Tonight We Might Die" (Class Series 1).

  • [OLD]  Barbara Wright - "The Barbara Wright Building" is named after a history teacher at Coal Hill School who traveled with the First Doctor from "An Unearthly Child"  (Season 1) until "The Chase" (Season 2).

From this episode:

  • [1ST]  Dragon-thing - First appearance of this creature.  The Seventh Doctor faced a biomechanical dragon in "Dragonfire" (Season 24) and listed dragons with other mythical creatures in "Ghostlight" (Season 26) suggesting they don't exist, however, in "The Husbands of River Song"  (Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special) River claimed to have transported dragon's eggs.

  • [NEW]  Mr Armitage - Headteacher of Coal Hill Secondary School, appearing in this role in a couple of Series 8 episodes.

  • [UNK] Robot - While robots have appeared a number of times in the Doctor Who universe, any connections to robots that previously appeared is unknown.

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