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DW 11-01: The Woman Who Fell To Earth

A guide to classic Who references in new Who.

Doctor Who series 11
episode 1
in which a woman falls to Earth.

May contain spoilers for 
"The Woman Who Fell To Earth"


[OLD] - Things that first appeared in the classic series (or the film).

The following are also covered:
[1ST] - The first appearance of this thing.
[NEW] - Things that first appeared in the new series.

Ongoing References...

The Doctor.
  • [OLD] The main character of Doctor Who, classic series and new. This is the Thirteen Doctor. As noted in the episode, she is a member of an alien race.

  • [OLD] The Doctor's favourite tool: the sonic screwdriver. First shown to be used by the Second Doctor in "Fury of the Deep" (Doctor Who (1963) season 5), it has been used almost constantly since. While it has been destroyed a couple of times and replaced it has been implied to be the same device rebuilt ("Day of the Doctor" (Doctor Who (2015) 50th Anniversary Special). Although Doctor has suggested he initially built it ("The Doctor Dances (Doctor Who (2015) series 1) & "A Christmas Carol"  (Doctor Who (2015) Christmas Special 2010), this is the first time we've seen her build one.  It's been said to be self-repairing "A Christmas Carol"  (Doctor Who (2015) Christmas Special 2010) and on at least one occasion the repaired it for him ("The Eleventh Hour"  (Doctor Who (2015) series 5)).

  • [OLD] The Doctor's time and space travel vehicle.  TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space.  Like a lot of the Doctor's race's technology, it is "bigger on the inside."  The Doctor stole her Tardis when fleeing her homeworld.  It is an older model ("Type 40") and unreliable, often ending up in the wrong location, and being unable to blend into its environment (a feature TARDISes should have).

This episode...

Shapes in the air.
  • [1ST] First appearance of these things.

Transportation Chamber
  • [1ST] First appearance of this particular type of tranportation device.

Super Gathering Coil.
  • [1ST] First appearance of one of these.

White-haired Scotsman.
  • [NEW] The previous Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor.

The Stenza.
  • [1ST] First appearance of this race.

Residual Regeneration Energy.
  • [NEW] Left over energy from the Doctor's regeneration (the process by which she changes form).

Two Pulses
  • [OLD] The Doctor's race have two heart. This was first noted in "Spearhead in Space" (Doctor Who (1963) season 7), the Third Doctor's first story.  Previously it seemed that the First and Second Doctor only had one heart.  Since then it has usually been implied that the Doctor's race always have two hearts (with early references being retroactively regarded as goofs) although some non-televised sources claim that they have only a single heart in their first body (or the number changes), but other non-televised sources state that the First Doctor and his granddaughter Susan actually had two hearts.

DNA Bombs
  • [1ST] First appearance of these.

~ DUG.

The Time Crash blog was created to help New Who fans understand Classic Who references - and to know if something isn't a reference but a new idea.  If there's a reference I missed or a subject that you feel needs more explaining, please comment.

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