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DW 01-01: Rose

A Guide to Classic Who references in New Who episodes.

Doctor Who (2005): Series 1 episode 1 (Story 1):  In which the Doctor meets Rose and fights the Autons and the Nestene Consciousness.

Warning: May contain Spoilers for


Viewing Order

  • Stepping on point, no previous viewing required

"Day of the Doctor" < Doctor's Timeline > "The End of the World"


[OLD] - Things that first appeared in the classic series (or the film.)  Episode List.

For context, the following are also covered:
[1ST] -  The first appearance of things in Doctor Who series.
[NEW] - Things that first appeared previously in the new series.

  • [OLD] The Doctor - First Appearred in "An Unearthly Child" (Doctor Who (1963) Season 1); last previous appearance in the telemovie Doctor Who (1996)) obviously, is an ongoing character, but... this is the first appearance of this incarnation (the 9th official incarnation shown).  The Doctor checks his appearance in the mirror suggesting that he has recently regenerated (changed appearance), or has not had the chance to check his appearance since the last change.

  • [OLD] The Sonic Screwdriver - the Doctor's favourite tool.  It first appeared in "Fury of the Deep" (Doctor Who (1963) Season 5) and last previously appeared in the movie Doctor Who (1996).

  • [OLD] The TARDIS - The Doctor's primary means of conveyance, capable of time & space travel, which has appeared since "An Unearthly Child" (Doctor Who (1963) Season 1).

  • [OLD] "Doctor Who?" -  a rare example of this usage.

  • [1ST]  Historic events - The events that Clive documents (Kennedy, the Titanic and Krakatoa) are new since they feature the ninth incarnation.  Whether they happened before this story, during it or after is unknown.  Note:  Clive specifically notes the date of the Kennedy assassination November the 22nd, 1963.  The first episode of Doctor Who first aired the following day.

  • [1ST]  Genghis Khan - The Doctor has not previously been shown to have met Genghis Khan, but he was referenced in dialogue previously.

  • [1ST] Anti-plastic - First appearance of this substance.

  • [1ST] The Shadow Proclamation - First mention of this organisation.

  • [1ST] Warp Shunt Technology - First mention, possibly for the "shunt off" joke.

  • [1ST] The War - The Doctor has been in wars before.

The 10 Rules to Doctor Who.

10.  TARDIS:  The TARDIS is used for spacial travel in the story.  Time travel is mentioned at the end. [1]
9.  Meeting Yourself:  No one tries.  [X]
8.  Non-sequiturs:   The Doctor's full of them.  [1]
7.  Serious/Frivolous:  Shows aspects of both personality.  [1]
6.  Series Final:  This is the pilot.  [X]
5.  Companion:  Rose, contemporary British female.  (contemporary London story).  [1]
4.  Emotionless:  The Autons are mindless.  The Nestene Consciousness is emotional.  [X]
3.  Title Spoilers:  Rose appears from the beginning.  [0]
2.  The Threat:  The Doctor was aware of the threat before the episode begins.  He does eventually explain the truth behind it.   [.5]
1.  Last of It's Kind:  All the Nestene's protein planets were destroyed (making it last of it's kind?).  The Doctor tries not to be more dangerous than it, but fails.  [1]

Score:  5.5/7.

"Day of the Doctor" < Doctor's Timeline > "The End of the World"

~ DUG.

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