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DW 10-08: The Lie of the Land (3 of 3)

A Guide to Classic Who references in new Who.

Doctor Who series 10 episode 8 in which memory criminal Bill Potts tries to undermine the good work done by the Doctor in support of the Monks.

Warning: May contain spoilers for

"The Lie of the Land"

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[OLD] - Things that first appeared in the classic series (or the film.)  Episode List.

For context, the following are also covered:
[1ST] -  The first appearance of things in Doctor Who series.
[NEW] - Things that first appeared previously in the new series.

Ongoing References...

  • [OLD]  The Daleks - One of the Doctor's greatest enemies from the old series [see Foes: Daleks] and the new.  They have attempted to invade Earth a number of times, each time being defeated, as stated in broadcasts by the Doctor, by the Monks.  You may here claims that the Doctor helped defeat them, but who would know better?  The Doctor himself or the thought criminal telling you these lies?

  • [OLD]  Cybermen - Long term enemy of the Doctor in the old series [See Foes: Cybermen] and the new.  An advantage of having the Monks on Earth is that we know the Cybermen will not be returning any time soon.

  • [NEW]  Weeping Angels - Recurring villains who first appeared in "Blink" (Doctor Who (2005) Series 3) and also appeared on Earth in "The Angels Take Manhattan" (Doctor Who (2005) Series 7).

  • [OLD]  The Doctor - The central character of both series of Doctor Who and educational videos broadcast on behalf of the Monks.  This is the Twelfth Doctor, the thirteenth face he's had.  Believe him.

  • [NEW]  Nardie - Nardole, River Song's assistant in the  "The Husbands of River Song" (Doctor Who (2005) 2015 Christmas Special).  In that episode is head was removed and used by the robot body of the Hydroflax.  In his second appearance, ("The Return of  Doctor Mysterio" (Doctor Who (2005) 2016 Christmas Special)) Nardole noted:  "You cut me out of Hydroflax because you were worried you'd be lonely".  "The Pilot(Doctor Who (2005) Series 10) suggests he now has some robot parts, although in "The Pyramid at the End of the World" (Doctor Who (2005) Series 10) that he is close enough to human (his lungs being purchased cheaply).

  • [NEW]  The Vault - The Quantum Fold Chamber has appeared or been mentioned ever since  "The Pilot" (Doctor Who (2005) Series 10), apart from the previous episode.  It was named for the first time in "Extremis" (Doctor Who (2005) series 10) and its contents confirmed to be...

  • [OLD] Missy - The named used by the current body of the Master, the Doctor's childhood friend and mortal enemy.  [Foes: The Master]

  • [NEW] Last of the Time Lords - An  increasingly inaccurate description of the Doctor.  It was assumed to be true of the Doctor from "Rose" (Doctor Who (2005) series 1) until the Master reappeared "Utopia" (Doctor Who (2005) series 3).  It was true-ish from when the Master dies in "Last of the Time Lords" (Doctor Who (2005) series 3), until he returned from the dead in "The End of Time (Part 1)" (Doctor Who (2005) Christmas special 2009).  Later it was discovered that the Time Lords survived in a pocket dimension ("Day of the Doctor" (Doctor Who (2005) 50th Anniversary special)), and ended up in the far future ("Hell Bent" (Doctor Who (2005) series 9)).

From the Part 1... 

  • [1ST]  The Monks - Humanity's friends and companions.  Memory criminals would have you believe that they first appear (in VR form) in "Extremis" (Doctor Who (2005) series 10) and first appeared in reality in "The Pyramid at the End of the World(Doctor Who (2005) series 10) and have only been in charge for six months.  If anyone tells you these lies, please report them immediately.

This episode... 

  • [1ST]  Bill's Mum - She died when Bill was little.  Appeared in photos in "The Pilot(Doctor Who (2005) Series 10) found after Bill told the Doctor she didn't have any.

  • [NEW] Magpie Electricals - The store window people are watching broadcasts in is Magpie Electricals, Magpie Electricals, the company from "The Idiots Lantern" (Doctor Who (2005) series 2).  It also appeared in "The Runaway Bride" (Doctor Who (2005) Christmas special 2006)"The Sound of Drums" (Doctor Who (2005) series 3), "Voyage of the Damned" (Doctor Who (2005) Christmas special 2007)"The Eleventh Hour" (Doctor Who (2005) series 5)"The Beast Below" (Doctor Who (2005) series 5)"Vincent and the Doctor" (Doctor Who (2005) series 5),  "Day of the Moon" (Doctor Who (2005) series 5),  "The Magician's Apprentice" (Doctor Who (2005) series 9) and "Before the Flood" (Doctor Who (2005) series 9), as well as in episode "Mark of the Berserker" (The Sarah Jane Adventures series 2).

  • [NEW] Heather the Puddle - See the events of  "The Pilot" (Doctor Who (2005) Series 10).

  • [NEW]  Space doors - In "Oxygen(Doctor Who (2005) Series 10) Nardole notes:  "Space doors are supposed to go shk-shk, not urrrrr."

  • [NEW] Huge fish monster in the Seine Thames - See the events of  "Thin Ice" (Doctor Who (2005) Series 10).

  • [NEW] Tarovain Neck Pinch/Brown Tabbard - First mention of this martial art and its rankings.

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~ DUG.

The Time Crash blog was created to help New Who fans understand Classic Who references - and to know if something isn't a reference but a new idea.  If there's a reference I missed or a subject that you feel needs more explaining, please comment.

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