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Class 01-08: The Lost

A Guide to Classic Who references (and other references) in New Who including in Class episodes.

Class series 1, episode 8 (story 6) in which the Shadow Kin return.  Again.

Warning: May contain Spoilers for

"The Lost"

Viewing Order:


[OLD] - Things that first appeared in the classic Doctor Who series (or the film.)

For context, the following are also covered:
[1ST] - Things that appear for the first time in this episode.
[NEW] - Things that first appeared in the new Doctor Who series.
[CLASS] - Things that first appeared previously in the Class.

Ongoing References:

  • [CLASS]  The Cabinet of Souls - A relic from Rhodia which first appeared in "For Tonight We Might Die" (Class series 1).  In that episode the Shadow Kin wanted to steal it because it can be used as a weapon, but Charlie claimed that it didn't work.

  • [CLASS]  Shadow Kin - First appeared in "For Tonight We Might Die" (Class series 1).  The wiped out the all Rhodia and Quill on their shared home planet except a Rhodia prince (Charlie Smith) and a Quill rebel leader (Miss Quill).

  • [CLASS]  Ever Upward Reach Ltd - The organisation that funds the school.  Its name appears on the Coal Hill Academy sign since "The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo" (Class series 1).

  • [CLASS]  The Governors - A group who sent a robot to monitor Miss Quill in "The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo" (Class series 1).  In "The Day of the Doctor" (50 Anniversary Special), before the new building was constructed and when it was Coal Hill Secondary School, not Coal Hill Academy, "I. Chesterton" was the Chairman of the Governors.  Ian Chesterton was a companion of the first Doctor and a science teacher at Coal Hill in 1963, but as noted, Ever Up Reach Inc replaced the board (probably changing it from being classed a High School to an Academy.)

From this Episode:

  • [1ST]  The Arrival - First mention of this future event.  Who knew the Governors were just movie fans?

  • [1ST]  M017/1017 - First reference to this number.  It should be noted that 1017 AD is 1000 years before 2017.

  • [1ST]  Mini-Time Rifts - Since "For Tonight We Might Die" the series has featured a single space/time rift that appeared in the school and the Doctor was unable to properly seal.  These new smaller ones are new.

  • [CLASS]  Memorial Board - Has appeared previously.  A new name has been added: M. B. Okonjo, presumably, the student victim of the petals ("Brave-ish Heart").

  • [NEW]  Weeping Angels - Recurring villains who first appeared in "Blink." (New Who Series 3).  Rassilon referred to them as the "Weeping Angels of old" in "The End of Time" (New Who 2009 Specials).

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