Monday, 5 January 2015

10 Blog Posts about Doctor Who...

A Guide to Who

Welcome to the New Year, here's some Doctor Who related reading:

  1. 10 Things that Prove Doctor Who is Real.
  2. 10 Rules to Doctor Who.
  3. Doctor Who - Concept & Development.
  4. Unmade Doctor Who episode: 2008 JK Rowling Doctor Who Christmas Special.
  5. Unmade Doctor Who episode: "Hex."
  6. K-9 & Company - an unmade Doctor Who spin-off.
  7. Top X Things You Knew About Doctor Who Challenge #1.
  8. Top X Things You Knew About Doctor Who Challenge #2.
  9. The Doctor Who vs Yoda meme.
  10. Review of "Adventures with the Wife in Space."

~ DUG.

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